The PassageWay Smart Mobility and Digital Wayfinding Leadership Team

The PassageWay Real-Time Smart Mobility and Digital Wayfinding Team Is Led By Chris Johns

Together, Bringing Real-Time Street Level Navigation to Towns and Cities 

Chris is a seasoned sales and service-driven software entrepreneur. Having previously run digital agencies, built and exited an innovative SaaS startup (NudgeCRM) and worked as an Executive Director of an international SaaS business (ResDiary). He has extensive experience of working with major hospitality operators and leading corporates including Transport for London.  With extensive experience in building innovative application architectures, managing teams, software ecosystems, working with multiple stakeholders, development of commercial partnerships and generating new business channels, Chris is a skilled digital all-rounder, he also runs a boutique digital strategy consultancy called The Difference.

Chris Johns, founder of real-time digital wayfinding and transport signs SaaS business PassageWay
Chris Johns, founder of real-time digital wayfinding and transport signs SaaS business PassageWay

Based in Wandsworth, London, Chris and the team have evolved PassageWay from an award-winning platform originally developed for Transport for London, the worlds’ largest integrated transport network.

Chris Johns, Founder Quote:

‘With so many transit options available it’s incredibly difficult for people to know everything that’s available at a very local level; Where are the bus stops? When is the next bus, train, tram or boat? Are there any travel alerts? How many bikes are available, are there any shared rides leaving soon? How many ride-hailing vehicles are available locally or is it easier to just walk? All too often, simply because people aren’t aware a transit option exists, they revert to their car.

Passageway real-time digital wayfinding and smart mobility signs help people, be they customers, students, staff, patients, visitors or clients, navigate to their next destination smoothly, and can help rapidly disperse the crowds that stadiums, shopping centres and major event destinations experience by sharing all the transit options, whilst simultaneously helping to reduce pollution and congestion. 

As the physical and digital worlds converge, peoples’ interaction with our towns and cities is fundamentally changing. We believe real-time, digital street-level navigation will soon be commonplace across our urban landscape. We, like our partners, share a vision of the urban future as smart, sustainable environments, with clean air, engaged citizens and with transit infrastructures that are accessible to everyone.’

Press Enquiries
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