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Supporting Stadiums and Major Event Venues

With their crowd dispersal strategies

Stadium events are naturally going to be crowded. Indeed crowd size is a pretty clear indicator of success for a stadium. Whilst good-natured crowds are an expected and exciting part of the stadium experience, visitors expect and appreciate a well-managed crowd control approach. Key to this is enabling crowds to rapidly disperse by finding their way to their next destination as efficiently as possible.

Whilst surges in human traffic inevitably result in pressure on the transport infrastructure, increased pollution and angst, there are methods that stadiums can deploy to aid crowd dispersion and reduce reliance on private car usage. Principally these involve information sharing about local real-time transit options.

PassageWay provides a supportive solution to stadiums in their crowd management and sustainability strategies by transforming existing internet-connected screens and digital totems into local wayfinding signs. PassageWay achieves this by displaying real-time, really local Smart Mobility and wayfinding information, curated specifically for the stadium’s location. With accuracy narrowed to a few metres, PassageWay signs can be tailored to multiple exit points, ensuring contextual relevance to visitors.

Working with stadium owners, architects and their agencies we are able to deploy unique wayfinding solutions for major venues, incorporating custom branding, wayfinding imagery/maps, bespoke data feeds such as queue time or car park availability and bespoke templates. PassageWay signs update automatically 24/7 and require no client-side maintenance.

Available to work internationally for suitable projects, we undertake pre-project evaluations to advise on data availability and compatibility.

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