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Connecting Shopping Centres And High Streets To Real-Time, Local Mobility Options

Encourage shoppers To shop longer, spend more and use sustainable transport.

Transforming Shopping Centre Digital Totems Into Real-Time Mobility and Digital Wayfinding Signs.

To survive in the digital age, shopping centres are reinventing themselves as places to have experiences over and beyond retail.

McKinsey, the management consultancy firm, produced an interesting research piece that identified the key areas that shopping centres need to focus on to ensure their continued success. One of their key points is for shopping centres to use technology as a means of improving customer satisfaction. Indeed, Westfield’s 2028 Vision where shopping centres become ‘hyper-connected micro-cities’ with AI infused walkways, eye scanners that personalise a consumers visit and smart changing rooms shows how far operators are pushing the boundaries of technology.

The shopping centres of the future are leveraging technology to weave themselves into the urban fabric of the city. With locations near public transport hubs including tubes, trains, buses, bike and boats. Reducing the reliance on private cars for transport to and from the location and instead ensuring easy access to public transport infrastructure to drive footfall.

Lack of footfall is the death knell for shopping centres, therefore providing information on transit options to and from the centre is vital to ensure shoppers visit and extend their stay as long as possible. The promotion of information on all the available transit options in real time, not only encourages longer visits but also demonstrates a commitment on behalf of the operator to environmental issues, including pollution and congestion reduction.

The issue for visitors to shopping centres is that they often are not aware of their options when it comes to public transport and therefore fall back to taking easy options such as driving their cars, taxis or Ubers, which inevitably lead to greater local congestion and pollution. It is also unrealistic to expect all visitors to have all the Apps necessary to have true visibility on all real-time transit information.

PassageWay provides a supportive solution to shopping centres. PassageWay achieves this by enabling shopping centres to leverage their digital totems to display real-time, really local smart mobility and wayfinding information, curated specifically for the shopping centre. With accuracy narrowed to a few metres, PassageWay signs can be tailored to multiple exit points, ensuring contextual relevance to visitors. PassageWay not only draws real-time information across the entire Transport for London network, including bus, bike, tube, train, tram and boat but also displays any travel alerts that are applicable to a precise location.

Shopping Centres Outside London and Internationally

We are available to support shopping centre operators, their architects and agencies throughout the UK and Internationally. We undertake data evaluations as the first step to ensure that PassageWay is a suitable solution. Working with specialist wayfinding consultancies, mapping providers and branding agencies we deliver unique solutions to meet specific requirements.

What Does It Cost?

We provide standard ad-free real-time Smart Mobility and Digital Wayfinding signs in London from £30 plus VAT per month. Alternatively, if you are happy to have commercial mobility data shown alongside public transport data then we are able to provide standard signs free of charge. For shopping centres outside of London we will undertake an initial data analysis to ensure that PassageWay is a suitable solution. For bespoke branding, custom content integration and unique data integration we charge a one-off project fee followed by the standard licence fee upon go-live.

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