Real-Time Public Transport Information and Digital Wayfinding Signs For Major Visitor Attractions

PassageWay real-time digital signage leverages existing screens to help crowd dispersement, congestion and pollution reduction

Managing tourism congestion is a major concern for visitor attractions such as Royal Palaces, Art Galleries, Museums and pop-up events.

Over 19 million tourists visited London in 2017 according to the Office for National Statistics, representing a 25% increase over 5 years ago. The British Museum consistently the most visited attraction, with two thirds of visitors from overseas. Across the UK, according to VisitBritain, it is expected that nearly 41 million tourists will visit the UK in 2018, an increase of nearly 4.4% on the prior year. Collectively, tourism is expected to deliver around £26.3 billion in revenue in 2018, up more than 7% on 2017.

Public transport plays an essential role in city tourism development. It is often the prime means for visitors – whether on business or for leisure – to get about the city, to access heritage and cultural sites, and to access local businesses. Indeed the development of public transport infrastructure is key to the success of many visitor attractions generating sufficient revenue.

It is therefore important for museums, galleries and heritage destinations to inform visitors about local transport options, to help reduce reliance on private car usage and to ensure that visitors can get to their next destination with the minimal hassle.

The issue for tourists is that they often are not aware of their options when it comes to public transport. Therefore they fall back to taking easy options such as taxis or Ubers, which inevitably lead to greater local congestion and pollution, especially when their next destination may actually be within walking distance. It is also unrealistic to expect all visitors to have all the Apps necessary to have true visibility on all real-time transit information.

PassageWay real-time digital wayfinding and smart mobility signs provide a supportive solution to visitor attractions in their tourist management and sustainability strategies. PassageWay achieves this by displaying real-time, really local transit and wayfinding information, curated specifically for the visitor attraction. With accuracy narrowed to a few metres, PassageWay real-time digital wayfinding and smart mobility signs can be tailored to multiple exit points, ensuring contextual relevance to visitors. PassageWay not only draws real-time information across the entire Transport for London network, including bus, bike, tube, train, tram and boat but also displays any travel alerts that are applicable to a precise location.


Suitable for virtually any sized screen with a broadband Internet connection with a modern browser, PassageWay automatically updates 24/7 with no human intervention, displaying real-time data for the local smart mobility options chosen for the precise location. PassageWay offers free standard signs with options available for customisation and ad-free versions. Passageway real-time digital wayfinding and smart mobility signs provide a simple, robust solution to encourage the use of sustainable commercial and public transport.

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