Real Time Smart Mobility and Digital Wayfinding Information, For Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries and Healthcare Centres

PassageWay helps patients, visitors and staff reach their next destination via sustainable transport

Public transport is a key success factor for Hospitals and Doctor Surgeries. Studies have shown that lack of decent local public transport for patients leads to an increase in missed appointments, reduced access to pharmacy items and an increased economic burden on patients. Equally, patient or their carers/visitors reliance on private cars inevitably means greater local congestion, increased pollution and pressure on limited parking facilities. 

Furthermore, it is principally the economically disadvantaged and the elderly that are most vulnerable to public transport issues when accessing healthcare and are therefore more likely to experience health issues as a result.

When it comes to leaving Hospital or Doctors Surgeries, it is equally important that patients are aware of all the options to get them to their next destination as smoothly as possible, whether by bus, tube, train, tram, boat or bike and are made aware of any travel alerts that may be pertinent to their journey.

Increasingly though, healthcare operators are encouraging patients, visitors and staff to ditch the car and use safe and sustainable ways of travelling, such as cycling, walking and public transport.

The benefits of public transport for healthcare operators are clear:

  • Reduced costs and carbon emissions compared to low-occupancy car use
  • Supporting local public transport services benefits the wider community
  • Reduced number of cars in the streets around the surgery or hospital,
  • Reduced stress on parking facilities
  • Improved patient care

But Healthcare operators face the challenge of how to actively promote alternative forms of transit. Historically, timetables may have been pinned to a noticeboard, copies kept in the reception or posted at the website. But, as we’re all aware, the transport network is subject to constant change, with delays and route modifications. Equally, many patients may not have access to smartphones (or if they do may not be aware of how to use them) so cannot access real-time transit data.

PassageWay provides the answer to these and other problems  by displaying real-time, really local transit and wayfinding information, curated specifically for the hospital or surgery location. PassageWay not only draws real-time information across the entire Transport for London network, including bus, bike, tube, train, tram and boat but also displays any travel alerts that are applicable to a precise location.

PassageWay real-time smart mobility and digital wayfinding signs helps healthcare operators leverage smart mobility for patients, staff and visitors.
PassageWay real-time smart mobility and digital wayfinding signs help healthcare operators leverage sustainable transport for patients, staff and visitors.

Suitable for virtually any sized screen with a broadband Internet connection, PassageWay automatically updates 24/7 with no human intervention, displaying real-time data for the local public transport options chosen for the precise location. PassageWay offers free standard signs with options available for customisation and ad-free versions. Passageway real-time digital wayfinding and transport signs provide a simple, robust solution to encourage the use of sustainable commercial and public transport.

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