Increasing DOOH Dwell Time And Generating Ad Revenue

For innovative networks like Kapow Networks. For digital totems, screens and connected kiosks.

PassageWay Real-Time Public Transport, Smart Mobility And Digital Wayfinding Signs Help DOOH Networks Maximise Ad Performance And Generate Premium Revenue For Digital Totems.

Here’s how:

DOOH network totems are commercial, not charitable entities. The technology they deploy and maintain requires significant and ongoing investment, and their principal source of revenue is generated from advertising activities.

Maximising Dwell Time For Digital Totems

A major challenge faced by DOOH networks is how to encourage people to dwell longer and engage with their digital totems. Further, because DOOH advertisers do not benefit from the same measurability levels as online ads it means that the networks generally have lower CPM rates than online. Surveys have consistently shown that people rate the display of real-time public transport and digital wayfinding signs at DOOH totems and connected kiosks as a high priority. The display of such information naturally influences dwell times as people engage for longer with the content. This, in turn, improves engagement with other content displayed at the totems.

Generating High-Value Revenue By Leveraging Smart Mobility Real-Time Data

The problem for DOOH totems is how to make the display of public transport information and digital revenue generating. The argument goes that taking ad slots away from paying suppliers reduces the overall revenue proposition for the digital totem.

PassageWay believes that the display of real-time Smart Mobility data provides an exciting revenue generation opportunity. By layering real-time commercial transport data around public transport information, it reaches people at the point when they are considering how to travel to their next destination. With so many commercial mass transit options now available to people, it also provides valuable exposure and brand awareness of the availability of alternative, yet sustainable options.

The team at PassageWay have the skills and experience to maximise these revenue generating opportunities through the integration of real-time availability data from commercial operators. By reaching people at their travel decision point, commercial operators can expect maximum conversions and by matching sign-up and PassageWay sign locations there exists a measurable return on investment beyond CPMs.

DOOH Networks Outside London and Internationally

We are available to support DOOH Networks throughout the UK and Internationally. We undertake data evaluations as the first step to ensure that PassageWay is a suitable solution. We work with DOOH developer teams to meet specific requirements, branding and data integration.

Partner Revenue Share With DOOH Networks

The PassageWay team are keen to partner with DOOH networks. We believe that by working together we will provide citizens with the ability to more easily connect with local sustainable Smarter Mobility options, helping to reduce the congestion and pollution that blights our towns and cities. Our revenue share approach means that we are fully incentivised to deliver the highest return to DOOH networks.

Are You A DOOH Network Interested In Partnering?

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