Taking Mobility Information To The People

The PassageWay real-time Smart Mobility and Digital Wayfinding platform transforms Internet-connected screens, digital totems and connected kiosks into real-time, Smart Mobility and Digital Wayfinding signs.

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Generating Demand For Transport Authorities And Mobility Operators

Freeing mobility data from printed schedules and mobility hubs, PassageWay signs display local multi-modal mobility information with real-time updates. Enabling Smart Mobility Operators and Transport Authorities to reach out and push their information to potential new customers. PassageWay signs run 24/7 and simply require a Chrome or other modern browser plus Internet connection.

Mobility Information, Tailored For Your Audience

PassageWay can be tailored to meet your unique requirements, from bespoke branding and maps to integration of custom data feeds. Or, you can deploy our elegant standard design and multi-modal dataset within a few minutes. From helping stadiums with crowd dispersal and encouraging shoppers to linger longer, to helping patients or students access convenient mobility and enabling workplace sustainable travel plans, PassageWay connects people and places to their local mobility options. Ideal for shopping centres, property developments, high streets, workplaces, healthcare and retirement living residences, academic institutes, stadiums, cultural venues and more.

Our Partners

We work with leading firms of architects, urban planners, wayfinding designers, mapping platforms, consultants, DOOH networks and hardware manufacturers. The PassageWay Real-Time Smart Mobility and Digital Wayfinding Platform offers the flexibility to integrate bespoke maps or wayfinding content, custom data feeds and client-branded templates. To discuss joining our Partner EcoSystem please drop us a message.


We’ve worked with Transport for London since 2013, providing award-winning software that allows the largest integrated transit authority in the world to create custom, hyper-local real-time digital signage for transit options for the circa 1.3 billion people who use London’s transit network annually.

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Being Part Of The Solution

We’ve built PassageWay to make a positive difference to city living. Our mission is to help reduce the reliance of people in towns and cities on private car ownership and its associated problems of pollution and congestion. We believe that by encouraging the use of Smart, sustainable mobility, we will make a positive difference now and for the future.